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Specialized Services

Recruitment Outsourcing Services 

Our outsourcing services entail full-cycle recruitment. We conduct a needs analysis, identify any gaps in your workforce and help you draft a position description. We source for qualified candidates using effective recruitment tools, including social media, conduct pre-employment assessment tests and interviews, identify the most qualified candidates, and conduct rigorous and comprehensive background checks which include criminal report, driving history, verification of credentials, and professional and employment checks. We always get it right the first time.

HR Business Process Outsourcing Services / Retained HR Services

The ability to attract, develop and retain talented employees is the key to every organization’s success. We write employee handbooks, and provide full-cycle recruitment, reward and core HR administration, employee relations, separation management, compliance management, health, safety and security, benefits, compensation, and payroll administrative services.

Performance Management

An effective performance management system enables managers to evaluate and measure individual performance and optimize productivity. It is a summary of year-round dialogue that starts with New Employee Orientation (NEO), and includes 90-Day appraisals, continuous feedback, 360 degrees feedback, and a formal annual performance assessment. It requires aligning employees' day-to-day work activities with business objectives, setting goals, expectations, and accountability indices, establishing growth opportunities, and process documentation for policy and regulatory compliance.

Learning and Development, and Knowledge Management

We know that when companies invest in their employees they both LearnGrowLead. We assess to identify any skills gap, source and develop learning content, plan the curriculum and program, deliver training and development, host learning systems, and assess learning effectiveness. We use on-site, off-site, e-Learning, group, and one-on-one training platforms that are customized to meet your specific learning needs. Our innovative tools and techniques facilitate effective knowledge retention, knowledge sharing, and knowledge management practices. 

Benefits and Compensation Management

We help businesses fully leverage their human capital to gain and sustain an edge in today's competitive global labor market. We conduct market surveys to help in the design and roll out of pay-for-performance benefit initiatives and compensation structure to help companies attract, reward, and retain top performers.

Position Management

We provide a full range of position management services which span design, analysis, classification plans and standards. Our innovative and methodical technique requires that we first conduct a systematic study of work flow, then design and structure work assignments to achieve organizational goals, define the nature of positions relative to the mission of the organization, set standards and classify the positions, conduct competency assessments, develop job descriptions, design career paths, and map out succession plans.

HR Audit Management

A successful audit assures investor confidence in the integrity of the HR function. We focus on improving the management of the organization's most valuable resource by examining the HR processes, policies, procedures, documentation, systems, and practices. Our customized audit examines the different units in HR including headcount, recruitment, documentation, training and development, compensation and benefits, performance measurement and evaluation, and employment separations. 

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

We identify solutions to help organizations recruit, train, manage and engage their employees, empower people and increase workforce productivity. Our services encompass software identification and acquisition, HR SME implementation, training, and continuous maintenance and management.

Management and Staff Retreats (in-country and international)

We facilitate executive, team, and all staff retreats at local and international locations. We use your company's  priorities as guide in formulating an agenda geared toward attaining your goals and objectives. We provide logistical support, strategic planning assistance, action learning techniques, organizational development and dialogue, and open space facilitation for the group. Our targeted outcome is for teams to be more cohesive, have clarity of objectives, effective communication, and mutual understanding with the aim of making space for creative solutions to challenges.

Change Management

Our transformational model focuses on Performance, Accountability, and Transparency. We understand that to be effective, leaders must manage multiple priorities and objectives simultaneously. Our suite of creative change management services include techniques for restructuring and reorganization, succession planning, and communications.

Management Consulting

We help businesses navigate and remain relevant in the fluid terrain of new technologies, more regulation, expanding global markets, a tough economy, and a different generation in the workforce. Where others see challenge, we see opportunity. We help you create better strategies, innovative business models, and develop new products and services to give you a competitive edge. 

Project Management  

Whether you are a newly-minted leader or one that has been in the trenches for years, translating your vision into reality can be a daunting and time-consuming endeavor when it involves different elements, multiple tasks, varied units, and several professionals. Our lean, efficient, task-oriented and goal-driven team will ensure on-time delivery and help manage your project through initiation, planning and design, execution, monitoring, and completion. And it does not end there! We will continue to review and follow up to ensure the long-term success of your project.

Capacity Building

We work with certified partners in the legal and finance field with whom we have a long-standing relationship to help develop institutional and legal framework (including registration), to enable NGOs, agencies and communities at all levels and in all sectors enhance their capacity. We help navigate, mitigate and manage any business complexities in the public and private sectors.







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