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Executive Leadership Program

Now more than ever, leaders need more effective critical tools essential for organizations to grow and adapt to today's complex, dynamic, and rapidly shifting marketplace. Our Executive Leadership Program (ELP) is designed to facilitate change in individuals, teams, and systems by enabling leaders, managers and employees to look into that within which is untapped. Our suite of programs tailored to meet your specific needs include the following:

Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching helps clarify vision, mission, values, and goals, and enhances the executives' capacity to lead and influence others, as they become catalysts for change. We will chart a path towards an individualized coaching approach to help leaders become more self-aware. They will then be able to inspire teams, execute plans strategically, and align teams to attain targets while building trust. We will guide participants to innovative thinking that results in higher levels of personal and professional achievement. Our technique combines interaction and experience to translate learning and knowledge into action work style. We work within your schedule, mindful of your time.

Team Coaching

More and more organizations are leveraging the collective intelligence of teams to outperform their competition and meet performance targets at a much faster pace.  Team coaching is effective in that team members apply their learning to other teams they lead. With our customized approach to team learning, 2 – 6 colleagues of manager level employees with common developmental needs and challenges are coached in small group sessions that combine skills training and leadership development. This is a cost-effective coaching option that creates shared learning, mutual support and accountability, and cross-functional relationships with the added benefit of breaking down silos in the organization. We design a coaching plan in collaboration with you and your group members  that perfectly fits your needs.

Retreats (international and in-country)

We facilitate executive, team, and all staff retreats at local and internationa locations. In close collaboration with you, we draft a retreat agenda that meets your goals and objectives. We provide logistical support, strategic planning assistance, action learning techniques, organizational development and dialogue, and open space facilitation for the group. Our targeted outcome is for teams to be more cohesive, have clarity of objectives, effective communication, and mutual understanding, with the purpose of creating an environment that produces innovative  solutions to challenges.

Personal Development

We partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. We listen, observe, and ask discerning questions that elicit solutions and strategies. We will collaborate with you to set goals, create a personal vision, bring out the best in you and seek the positive influences from customized personal development solutions. We provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity already present, and transform by increasing your ability to reflect, observe, and self-correct. Our one and only desired outcome is your success.


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